Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mid-year goal check

I decided to simplify my goals this year and only have three.

1. Run 1000 miles - YTD 423/500. I have some work to do.

2. Do at least one plank a day, everyday. I did at least one a day through May then quit while on my fishing trip. I don't have an excuse except that I just didn't feel like it. I had my own room in the cabin and could easily have kept the streak alive. Once I missed a couple of days, I quit. Maybe I'll restart in July.

3. Stay under 160 pounds. So far so good there which I'm pretty happy about since I've been traveling nearly every week.


In other news, we had beautiful weather for a run today. Here are a couple pictures.








Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fishing 2013

Here are some pictures from my fishing trip to Hayward Wisconsin last week. It has become a yearly trip I go on with my best friend and his brother. Spring came late this year in Northern Wisconsin,so we weren't sure what we were in for, but we knew we would have fun regardless. We arrived at 5:30 pm on Wednesday to 50 degrees and pouring rain. We fished anyway and it was miserable, but we had fun :-). We caught a few fish Wednesday night. Thursday was also cold and wet and our boat caught four fish all day (one for me). The fish just weren't interested in eating. Friday, the weather was getting nicer, but the fish were still lethargic. I caught one fish Friday. No problem though, we had plenty of beer, beef jerky, chili cheese chips, trail mix, and slim Jim's. Glad my cholesterol test was two weeks ago :-). Saturday was another beautiful day and the fishing picked up. I caught 22 fish Saturday and our boat caught 42 sealing our third straight fishing tournament win :-).

Didn't take pictures the first two days due to rain. Friday was like this.

Borrowed my friend's late father's (Putie) fishing hat since I forgot mine.

The air just smells clean up there.

No service. Perfect!

This was the first decent fish I caught and my friend had his finger over part of the lense. It means I can make up the size of the fish later, right? Got a good laugh about that one.

Beautiful day


My friend bought us matching hideous shirts which we saved for the last day of fishing. We all got quite a chuckle out of it :-).

Kurt with a nice bass.

I had to take a pic with my finger in the way :-).


Almost covered my face :-)

Surgery on a northern pike that swallowed a lure.

Me in "the shirt" :-)

Until next year...