Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's been a while

Things have been good and busy, I just haven't had much to blog about. Given that I don't blog about work, religion, politics, or family, that leaves training and cooking. With no races on the schedule, traveling a ton, and only running, there isn't much to talk about except that I've run over 100 miles for three months in a row and I'm on track to run 1000 miles this year which is about a 50% increase over last year. I'm probably in the best running shape of my life and am considering signing up for a half marathon in October. The only thing holding me back is the memory of how much my 5 minute half marathon PR hurt last October :-).

As far as cooking goes, I've been cooking out every Sunday and Saturdays I don't run church sound. I've been posting pictures on Instagram. You can see them here but I'll post a couple below anyway.

Last Sunday we drove up the river road along the Mississippi and took the ferry to a little town called Brussels that has a population of 150. We stopped by the visitor center and learned about the quilts of Calhoun county. Pretty sure we made the old lady's day letting her tell us all about it plus going on a tour of the dilapidated building :-). After picking up some pumpkins, we went to the Finn Inn where I had the best catfish ever. I'm not a huge catfish fan but this was deep fried, amazing goodness. If you are ever in Grafton Illinois, check it out. It's the first time we've done something as a family in quite a while.


That's about it. As I type this, I'm in an airplane traveling from Cleveland to St. Louis wondered what I get when I exceed the point scale with Hilton hotel points :-).