Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 weeks until the half marathon

Some day I'm going to blog that I'm running 8:30 miles instead of 9:30 miles. Today is not that day :-).

This week was fairly uneventful. Run volume was down a little due to things being busy at work and home. Still pretty good compared to my last half, though I am biking and swimming much less for this one. I decided to compare this vs. last to see how true that is.

Last 13 weeks this half run/bike/swim vs. last half marathon (in April)

The results were more interesting than I thought they would be :-). Training for this half mary I started in June thus the larger bike miles since it is summer. I'm going to have to make friends with my trainer and have some mental toughness this winter/spring. I also hurt my shoulders in July training for an Olympic tri, thus the drop in swim volume. Overall 20 percent more running, 3x the biking, and 25 less swimming.

I did get a new Ipod this week! My long runs were getting mentally challenging with no tunes. Apple went back to the square style shuffles (good move!). The newer style shuffles had the controls on the ear bud cable and broke after a couple uses if you sweat on them while exercising. The new ones are slightly smaller, hold 2 GB of music and are $46 (at least at the Walmart by me).

Oh, check back in a couple weeks. My friend Ryan and I are thinking about signing up for IM 70.3 New Orleans in April. I got the ok from Cheryl, now it's up to me. I haven't hit the pool in 2 months and I'm still in PT for my shoulders. They seem to be getting better so as long as I take it wasy on them the swim shouldn't be too bad. We'll see.


Milk The Cow Baby said...

Like that new Ipod!! I hated the last one. After a week i took mine back. I still love my itouch. For something small i use a Sansa Clip. Same size and price as the shuffle but it has a screen, voice recorder and a radio. The radio is handy as my YMCA put in new tvs and you have to tune to an fm preset to hear them.

Milk The Cow Baby said...

Oh you should post a picture of you in an ice bath wearing mittens, a hat and cut off sweater!
Go New Orleans HIM!!!

Bas van Kaam said...

Nice blog, keep it up! You’re gonna be fine on the HM. IM 70.3 New Orleans sounds great by the way, good luck training. Greetz, Bas.