Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Shoulder News (and week 3 recap)

I saw my orthopedic doctor this week. He said I may need to make a decision between surgery and quitting swimming. He ordered an MRI which I did Friday and I had a follow up with him Monday.  He looked at the pics and said he sees no tears or spurs so no reason to jump in to surgery! 

He said it is inflamed and gave me another cortisone shot.  I told him I would like to nurse my way through this season and if it still bothering me this fall, consider surgery then. He said he didn't see anything wrong with going this route. I did have a good swim Wednesday night. My plan was to swim sets until I hit 2500 yards or my shoulder starting hurting, I made it 2200 yards before I called it quits. That is the most I have swum since July. My shoulder was pretty sore when I got home so I iced it and it seems fine now. I was reading through some old blog posts and when my injury first started, my left shoulder hurt more than my right shoulder. My left one has no pain or discomfort anymore, so there is hope I can ride this through with no surgery.

Week three is in the books and overall it went well.  I missed two of nine workouts which is typical for me.  It's all part of the balancing game.  I missed one run because I just didn't feel like getting up at 5 am and I missed one swim because we went Christmas caroling with the neighbors.  We sounded horrible, but it was fun :-)

My long ride on Saturday was my longest trainer ride yet, two hours and twenty minutes.  Not a problem mentally, it was actually nice.  I watched some history channel on tv then when Josh woke up I watched him play Call of Duty.  The history channel was showing WWII in color.  War is horrific, and while the Germans were bad, the US did some pretty nasty things too.  I'm glad I never had to serve and really appreciate those who have.

My long run was Sunday.  I violated one running volume rule and my long run was about 50% of my weekly volume (it shouldn't be more than 33%).  It was chilly out, overcast and damp.  With no wind it would have been perfect.  When I turned in to the wind, I was instantly cold.  I need to find a wind proof, breathable jacket and pant set.

Today I'm pretty darn sore.  That was my biggest volume week in quite a while capped off with the longest ride and run I've done in a while.  It doesn't help that the week before I missed 8 days of training.  Sometimes it feels good to be sore and this is one of them.  I know I did some good work outs over the weekend.

Planned s/b/r hours

Actual s/b/r hours

I need to add in some core work.......

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Kate Geisen said...

Nice job! That's awfully close to what you planned! I noticed the same thing Sunday. It took me til my second loop to figure out why I was cold all the sudden, though. Luckily, the wind only hit on the road side of the trail and most of the loop was behind the hills.

Great news on your shoulder!