Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feeling Alright (6 weeks to NOLA)

This week was a good one training wise.  I got in all eight workouts, managed a morning run, and had my biggest volume week to date.  One highlight of the week was getting Monday off work due to a power outage.  This was good timing.  I was feeling pretty run down, so after calling all my employees and telling them not to go in, I went back to bed. 

I did my longest continuous swim yet, 3000 yards this week.  I was pretty excited about it since two years ago 30 yards was all I could do without a break.  My shoulder wasn't bad either.  I did need to ice it afterwards, but it is definitely getting better.

My long run Saturday was chilly and dreary and windy, but I got it done.  Afterward I had several cold glasses of water then soda while out to lunch.  Then my body temp dropped (or it felt like it did) and I was shivering quite a bit.

The section of trail I lost my headband on 2 weeks ago.  Didn't find it this week.

Windy run.

Someones roof damaged in the storm last week.

Refueling lunch after my long run.

Sat by the fireplace to warm up.

My long ride Sunday was on the trainer.  I'm a wimp when it comes to cold.

A four hour tour, a four hour tour :-)

So training was 11 hours for the week.  2 hours swimming, 3 running and 6 biking.  I think that is the perfect mix for me.

Oh, and what can be more geeky than a middle aged, pasty white guy in spandex?  A pasty white guy in spandex and an aero helmet.  My aero helmet came in this week.  I tried it on and my son said I look ridiculous.  My wife said, she can see why it was on sale :-).    They were out of white so I ended up with red, white and blue.

No chanting Rudy at NOLA :-)

On a not so good note, my BIL Steve is having liver surgery Monday.  He has liver cancer and they are taking 2/3's of his liver out.  Please pray for him and his family.  They have had a rough ride through his pancreatic cancer journey that started about 3 years ago.

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Kate Geisen said...

I was thinking to myself, I've seen these pictures somewhere....oh, twitter. :)

I'll definitely keep your BIL in my prayers.