Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm enjoying taking it easy in October.  No real structure, just 3-4 runs per week and a mountain bike ride.  Funny how your perspective changes.  I managed to get just shy of four hours of exercise in this week.  For the pre-triathlete Mike, that would have been a huge week.  Now four hours is extremely light.

I'm still working on my race schedule.  I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 70.3 or two or just stick with sprints and olys.  I did promise my sister I would do the Cohassett, MA tri in June.  I need to get out to the East coast to see her.  Truth be told, when my friend Dave died this year, I almost booked a ticket to head out there the next month.  Life is too short not to visit with family and friends whenever you can.

Here are a few pics of my ride Sunday.

A section goes through the old MRF grounds

some trees are close enough together you have to pay attention

These trees look close together for me even at my slow speed
The pictures of how close some of the trees are reminded me of a ride years ago where I didn't quite make it between two close trees.  One of my handlebars clipped a tree and I was on the ground and dazed even before I knew what happened.  It gave my helmet a good workout and gave my friends something to laugh at while they pretended to be concerned.  My friends have long since stopped riding so I hit the trails alone now.  I also remembered going off road with one of my neighbors who ended up breaking his chain.  I towed him home with him hanging on to the chain.  That was a tough workout!

And some dinner pictures.  Ribs, yum!  This time I used my dad's method.  I put rub on them the night before, then put water and vinegar in the bottom of a double decker pan, put the ribs on that then covered with foil and cooked at 250 degrees for 2.5 hours.  Then I threw them on the grill, lathered them up with bbq sauce and they were fantastic!

The ribs were amazing

asparagus in the foil plus kabobs for the non rib lovers

Mentally preparing to try to become a morning person.  As I type this, everyone has been in bed for an hour and I've had the rest of the house to myself.  I'm going to miss this......


Kate Geisen said...

Hey, call me some time when you want to hit the trails! I'm probably way slower than you, but I can call the ambulance if need be when I catch up. :)

That first narrow tree picture...I think that's where I clipped a tree on the July (?) Dirty Girls ride. It was pre-clipless pedals, and somehow I managed a (totally unintentional) flying dismount and landed on my feet. That time.

Your training looks a sight better than mine, and I have no off-season in sight! I need to dial in some of your discipline.

Unknown said...

That's also the beauty of becoming a morning person - up and at 'em before anyone is stirring. It's a great sense of accomplishment! Then, on non-training days, you can have the house to yourself again!

Mary Fran said...

Anytime you want to jump on a plane, I would love to see you. I miss you, too! Can't wait for next summer. They should have the date confirmed soon.

Dawn said...

Nice pictures....and the food- as always - looks like I want to come right over!
I know what you mean about life being too short. People need to come first!

I am contemplating pushing a confirm button in regards to the 70.3 just 40 minutes away from here next July. I know I can do it, I want to do it, but my nerves won't let me. I thought I had conquered these nerves. Blah:(

Have a good day Mike.

Patrick Mahoney said...

How does one not like ribs? A mystery.

Constantin Gabor said...

That's some sweet bike, Mike!

Even though I'd like to switch to a vegetarian diet, I do enjoy barbecue. :-)