Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Off

After my private 70.3 last Sunday I vowed to take a whole week off.  It was great at the beginning of the week, but by the weekend, I was ready to get back at it.  We had absolutely perfect weather this week and weekend and I decided to stick with my plan anyway.  It was tough, but I'm glad I did since it gave me an even bigger urge to get back to working out.  For fun, I looked back through my logs for the last two years and this was the third week in two years that I had zero exercise.  The other two were the guys fishing trip the last two years.

I haven't decided exactly what I'm doing next year, but I have decided I would continue with triathlons.    The swimming is still scary and the pain is uncomfortable, but the challenge is invigorating.  If I get accepted to the Rev3 tri team, I'll do a couple of their races.  The chances of me being accepting are slim, but might as well try. You can apply here.

One problem with working out a lot is that I don't have energy to do chores and other things.  So I got a few chores done this weekend and it felt pretty good.  I also got some cooking in though I forgot to take pictures.

Oh yeah, wear your helmet, it's dangerous out there.


Kate Geisen said...

I saw that video on Facebook. Yikes!

Glad your week off spurred your drive to get back out there. I waited a couple days, and my brain was definitely ready before my body was.

And I'm with you...I definitely haven't been able to embrace the pain yet. Though unlike you in work ethic this past year. Good luck with the Rev3 never know! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Recovery Week! I'm into Week 4 of marathon training and realized that it's a recovery week (duh) when I saw the low mileage. :) Good luck with Rev3! I applied too! Aloha, Di

Theia said...

Yay for your week off! It seems as though it revived you mentally and physically. Good stuff.

Dawn said...

Well a week off sounds really good! I hear you on the lack of energy. Because of the 2 boys at home all I day...I get up sometimes at 4am to fit in a workout. By noon I'm dragging. Think it will get easier?;))
The that a Tri team you have to apply for? A group?
Did you find any caramel....?

Jill said...

My running friend was just telling me about that video today, I hadn't seen it before. Wow! Glad the guy was ok!!

I know I am wasted for the day whenever I do a long run. Heck, I feel wasted most training days - ha. Hope the week off helped the legs, and the psyche! :)