Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mid-year goal check

I decided to simplify my goals this year and only have three.

1. Run 1000 miles - YTD 423/500. I have some work to do.

2. Do at least one plank a day, everyday. I did at least one a day through May then quit while on my fishing trip. I don't have an excuse except that I just didn't feel like it. I had my own room in the cabin and could easily have kept the streak alive. Once I missed a couple of days, I quit. Maybe I'll restart in July.

3. Stay under 160 pounds. So far so good there which I'm pretty happy about since I've been traveling nearly every week.


In other news, we had beautiful weather for a run today. Here are a couple pictures.








Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!



Jill said...

I once tried to do sit-ups for 100 days straight; I made it to day 30 and once I missed a day, it didn't matter anymore in my head (but my abs now hate me :)). Tomorrow's July...just saying!! Plank away!

I'm not sure how you travel and eat so well...I greatly admire your strength. I'm just trying to stay off sugar for 21 days; on day 7 and I want to commit a murder to all family members. :)

Thanks for the update.

Boulder IM in August 2014, perhaps?? Yes? Great! You'll be in the video next year for sure! (even though I'm the only sole doing it - if I do it, and I have no earthly idea how to make a montage movie. We'll hire Katie!).

KovasP said...

Nice simple goals -- I'm amazed that you can maintain your weight with all the traveling you do.

ajh said...

I can't imagine traveling a lot and not gaining weight. That is huge. These days I am gaining weight at home.

Any tris coming up for you? You aren't that far off in running miles. You can do that! I always like to hit 1000 for the year. I'll have to see where I am. I suspect I am rather behind myself.

Teamarcia said...

How can it be flipping July already? I agree with Andrea, you can catch up on mileage. No worries.

Debbie said...

i don't run....and i'm pushing 160 pretty hard!! in fact, i may have passed it, shameful!!

i love your pictures, what a great place to run. i would love to ride my bike there!!

nice picture of you, i hope your enjoying your 4th and having fun!!

Theia said...

Get back to those planks! They will help your cycling and running. :) But, you already know that.

Michael said...

I like the simplicity of 3 goals. I think maybe I should scale mine back a bit next year.

Looks like for the most part you are meeting your goals though!

Anonymous said...

I should really be doing #2. Maybe I'll start next week. FYI, I am blogging again at if you care to follow again. Cheers!

The Green Girl said...

I can't believe we're more than halfway through the year. I've only completed 34 of my 100 Things for 2013.

Congratulations on maintaining - that's not easy, especially with all this working out it's so tempting to just go all out with the food.