Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Recap

Guess if I'm going to do an October recap, it's time. October was another good running month for me. I ran over 100 miles for the fourth month in a row. First time I've ever done that! Besides running, I've enjoyed the fall weather and colors as well as grilling and smoking. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these, sorry.

Not much else knew that I can talk bout here so I'll get to some pics.


I hadn't smoked any meat for quite a while since it's pretty much an all day affair and I've been pretty busy. Since it takes so much effort, I like to load the smoker up when I do smoke.

Tried green beans and almonds in a foil pouch on the grill and they turned out amazing. They have joined the regular rotation :-).


Grilled trout, salmon, and tuna one night. It was fabulous.


JalapeƱos and pork kabobs, yum! In foil are mushrooms and green beans.

I started using an instant read thermometer and it helps cook lobster perfectly. Once the temp hits 140 degrees, pull it.

Loving the fall colors.

Love this shot.


Going to try to hit 100 miles again in November. It's going to be tough with the so going down early and the weather getting colder, it's going to be tough.


Michael said...

You can do it! Keep up those 100 miles months! Now I'm hungry and it's 6am...thanks :)

Jford said...

Your posts always make me hungry! I am looking into getting me a smoker, so I might have to get some tips from you!

Anonymous said...

I am like you. When I smoke, I have to load the smoker up with delicious meats.

Looks so good!

KovasP said...

All looks great, was wondering how well those instant read thermometer worked.

Kate Geisen said...

you're a running machine these days. And your instagram pictures ALWAYS make me hungry.

TriMOEngr said...

Maybe someday I will learn to love running like you do. Your tweets are always inspirational (though I haven't taken up outdoor cooking either). Keep up the amazing work! Do you do any off-road running? If not, it is about time to add trail running to your rotation in prep for the SHITR!

Teamarcia said...

Don't ever stop the IG food porn! Sounds like you are on a roll running-wise. Awesome!

ajh said...

Does it say somewhere on here how to follow you on Instagram? I am andyjha if you want to follow me. Hopefully I'll figure out it's you and follow you back. Right now I am having a lot of fun on there with a photo a day challenge from teamrunnerd. I always wanted to do a photo challenge and instagram makes it easy.
Good job on the 100 mile a month and good luck in November.

Raina said...

Man!! Coming to your blog at lunch time is Self torture!!! lol
Those are some good looking eats, Mike.

Jill said...

Now that I'm on Instagram, I get to drool over your food pics double time. I always look at fresh green beans in the store and wonder what the heck you do with them. I think I'll just move into your basement - that will solve all my cooking issues :).

Glad your running's coming along and you're hitting your targets. Heard your neck of the woods got some snow (where did I see that, I wonder? :))...on second thought, I'm sticking here in CO where it's been so incredibly nice this fall. I guess I'll have to Google how to cook green beans after all.

Keep up the great running!

Unknown said...

Hey Mike! Congrats on your 4 month streak! I also have a harder time getting out for a run or ride when it gets dark earlier. I hate leaving for work and then also getting back home when it is dark out. Headlamps are an awesome invention :)

One Crazy Penguin said...

There is nothing about this post that I do not like. Those turkeys literally have my mouth watering. They look so good!

Thanks for the follow and look forward to reading your blog!