Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 4 - Marathon Training

Technically last week was week four though actually it was week three since I was fishing most of week one. I've decided to loosely follow the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan. By loose I mean skipping one of the three weekday runs when I'm busy and biking instead of running for the shorter weekend run when tired.

Here are a couple pics from my fishing trip.


I'm not a good fishermen, but being out in nature is relaxing, except for the boat vs. boat competiveness :-). I don't have a carbon fiber bike yet, but I now have a carbon fiber reel and it's sweet.

Fourth of July we had about 20 people over for a cookout before some neighbors did an impressive firework display (allegedly since fireworks are illegal in Illinois). I made steak kabobs using beef tendorloin and veggie kabobs. About 30 beef and 20 veggies. It turned out well (no left overs).


So, back to marathon training. The plan for last week (starting Monday) was 0-3-6-3-0-6-13. I did 0-3-6-0-0-13-6. Thursday was the day before the 4th so I went to happy hour with a couple friends instead of running 3 miles. I switched the long run to Saturday since it was cooler and more convenient. I woke up Sunday to those heavy sore legs that could use a spin,but ran instead. It wasn't pretty,but I loved being able to be out running given my Achilles has been acting up.



Kate Geisen said...

Your food pictures always look so good! We haven't grilled vegetables in forever, but that just might have been the inspiration I needed.

Great job so far on your marathon training!

One Crazy Penguin said...

OMG. Can we be friends in real life so I can come to your cook outs? That looks delish!

Kudos on getting your runs in. This week and weekend was good weather, but apparently we are getting true summer weather this coming week :/

Teamarcia said...

I need more kabobs in my life. Like maybe tonight.

Jill said...

Good to see a post and how training's going :).

I get so antsy fishing; I can't sit still long enough (good reason why I have no television, I can't watch it more than 15 minutes), but it looks so calm and serene. Fished a lot on the Minnesota lakes as a kid.

Happy summer, Mike!