Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jingle Bell Hell 2014

I think this is my third (maybe fourth) time doing XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell race (virtual version). I love the idea and love the fact that Marjorie even got to run it this year.

Anyway, I ran it this year and it was hellish :-). Not sure which run I'm actually claiming as my JBH run. I've been running local single track every Saturday and Sunday now that it's winter, hellish I know. Last weekend was so warm I ran in shorts, hellish. This weekend I couldn't find my Santa hat, hellish. It's Christmas and there isn't any snow on the ground, hellish.

Anyway, here are a few recent trail pics.

Lots of drab single track this time of year. Bring on the snow.

My favorite hat...

Back seat of my car. More trail junk is in my trunk :-)


Thanks for the virtual hosting of JBH XL, maybe some day I'll mange to be out your way to run it in person.



Teamarcia said...

Yay for Jingle Bell Hell! Everything here is so brown as well. Guess I shouldn't complain as it trumps vortex. But geez, so ugly.

KovasP said...

I don't mind the brown and the cold means no bugs or poison ivy. Snow is beautiful but it means I have to shovel. :)

Jford said...

I still need to get out on some trails! It always looks so cool in your pictures.

ajh said...

I did a virtual elf run on the treadmill of all things but it fit my schedule perfectly. No pretty pics from it.

XLMIC said...

Yay!!!! Thanks for participating! I should send you some donuts :) Or maybe some of my car-floor water bottles to add to your collection ;-) I always have to warn people to not damage my collection! They look at me like I'm crazy because they don't know I'M KIDDING.

You are one of the JBH die-hards. I'm definitely sending you a prize :)