Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 8 of Oly training

Week 8 was spent at the beach in Navarre, FL. Beautiful beach and no oil in sight. It was very hot. So hot (100+ heat index, sometimes 110+), I had to cut most of my runs short. I brought a frozen bottle of water on every run and it was thawed and gone by 40 minutes in to each run and I came back before hurting myself. My workout Wednesday was 5 x 5' at RPE 8+ (HR over 180 for me). My route on Wednesday was on a cool road with the gulf on one side and the sound on the other. After 4 intervals I called it. The SAG wagon (wife in the minivan) driving by was too tempting. I also figure a mid fourties guy doing intervals in the heat needs to be careful, so I cut it short. I did manage six miles on Friday. A storm came through in the mroning and cooled things off.

I took the boys to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola Friday. It was pretty cool.

I planned to go to the Y and swim a couple times, but decided to stay with the family and do a little swimming in the gulf. Nothing serious, mostly under water swimming looking for shells and catching hermit crabs. Very relaxing.

Total for the week: 0 biking, a little swimming, 4 hours of running. My shoulder still hurts. I think I'll call the doc tomorrow.

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