Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 9 of Oly training - the dilemma

Before I get to the dilemma, I have a funny story. Now I know I can only do three things at once one the bike, not four. So I took Monday off and went for a 50 mile ride. About 15 miles in, a big bug flies down my shirt and starts biting me. I freak out and lock up the back wheel with my right hand, frantically try to get the bug out of my shirt with my left hand, unclick my left foot, and didn’t get the right one out before I stopped. I fell over, and was wriggling around on the ground trying to get the bug out. Finally got it out and unclicked my right foot. I must have looked really funny. Ended up with nothing more than a skinned knee and 7-8 bug bites. I haven’t had an unclicking issue for several years.

Now to the dilemma. I'm in my usual pre-race funk. I really enjoy training but not really the pre-stress of racing. I have a blast racing and once I'm done, I'm ready to sign up for another one though. This time, it might be a little different. Here are my excuses to not do an Oly September 4th.

1. I haven't swam in 4 weeks due to a sore shoulder.
2. We started a new budget and if I spend 94 bucks on the race, it's 94 bucks I can't spend on other tri stuff (and there is always a long list).
3. The tri is 2+ hours away, so throw another hundred in for a hotel room.
4. As long as I'm on the money theme, I broke my Blackberry and Ipod shuffle this month.
5. I would kind of like to PR my half marathon October 3rd and doing the tri will reduce my run volume that week. Some of my bike rides have affected my runs.
6. My fantasy football draft is the night before, so I won't get to the hotel until midnight or so.

Lessons learned this week. Don't do your longest ride ever and not expect consequences on the morning run. Also, don't schedule long races too close together.

So for week 9 still no swimming because of a sore shoulder, but I do think it is getting better. Going to the doc Wednesday. I did get 6.5 hours of biking and 3 hours of running in. Time to step the running up another notch or two.

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