Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Weeks Until The Private HIM

As I posted earlier this week, I'm getting a little burned out and looking forward to the end of the season.  My private HIM is in 5 weeks then Ill take a little break and re-evaluate the situation.  I've had two other people say they want to race with me and a friend say he wants to man the aid station (read - drink beer in my driveway and heckle us :-)).  If all goes well, SuperKate and Mike will be joining me.  I met Kate when I picked up a friend to take to a 1/2 marathon and he said "hey, mind if we give another friend a ride?".  I met Mike on BT then we met up with some other BTers at the Carlyle, Il Oly this year.

I'm not artistic at all but wanted to make some shirts for the race.  I need to order this week so if anyone wants to re-design it for me, have at it.  Before I show my non-artistic shirt, I have to show the ugliest shirt I've received at a tri.  It just so happens, it was also at Carlyle.

someone on twitter said this shirts looks like someone puked on it :-)

So mine is a simple long sleeve white tech tee from Voler.  Their website shows it as short sleeve, but I'll order long sleeves.

Front - except it will be long sleeve

rear - except it will be all white and long sleeve


Dawn said...

I LOVE IT! (Your design....not the puked on one;))
OH I WISH with all my heart I could make it down for your HIM. I KNOW I could do it...especially after that UNREAL 29km trail run this Saturday!!

I hope you take pictures of this entire thing. I especially want to see the aid station heckler;))

Kate Geisen said...

That is a really ugly shirt. Yours is cool, though. And I'm thinking only a pool would feel good after the beating I took yesterday on the trails.

Anne B said...

Haha I have the same ugly shirt from Carlyle! The shirt itself is kind of nice, it's technical fabric and pretty lightweight, but then it has that gigantic "design" splashed all across the front. FWIW the medals were pretty cool but did not have the name of the race, date, etc. on them. Oh well, I complain too much...

Theia said...

I like the shirt! The one you designed, I mean. Clean and simple. Maybe you could use colored ink instead of black to spice it up a bit?