Saturday, August 13, 2011

Private HIM

Before I get started, check out this cool cloud pic I took when leaving church tonight.

The details are coming together for the half distance tri from my house October 2nd.  Lap swim at the Y starts at 11 am, so that will be the race start time.  If you plan to race, let me know and I'll get you a free one day pass.

The first leg of the race will be running to the Y from my house.  The Y is 0.5 miles away.

run to the Y

The Y pool is 25 yards so we'll do 42 laps (84 lengths).  You can do another half a length if you want to hit 2112 yards instead of 2100.  After the swim we'll run the 1/2 mile back to my house and hop on our bikes for two 26.6 mile loops.  

bike loop

You can do the loop in either direction.  From experience, I suggest counter clockwise if the wind is from the South or West and clockwise if it is from the North or East.  I can take pictures at all the turns if anyone besides me is going to race.  Let me know.  Two loops only ends up being 53.2 miles so we'll take on one 2.5 mile run loop to get up to 55.7.

The run course will be a 5 loop course so the aid station can be in my garage or front yard.  There is one steep hill so I recommend running clockwise so you run downhill on the steep part.  There is a sweet 11.4 mile loop from my house I can set you up with if you want to carry your own nutrition.  

run loop

So the total distance is

0.5 mile run
1.2 mile swim
0.5 mile run
55.7 mile bike
12.5 mile run

for a total of 70.4.  Perfect!

Dinner will be around 7 pm.  I figure the race will take me about 6 hours, maybe a little longer because I probably won't push as much as a normal race.  Right now I'm thinking bacon wrapped fillets and spiced red potatoes but I'm open for suggestions.

On an semi-related note, I won a blog contest a while back by predicting Kurt @ Becoming an Ironman's HIM race time within 8 seconds!  I predicted each leg within 2 minutes as well.  Kurt sent me an assortment of nutrition to try and it arrived this week.  This was very cool because I'm still pretty new to endurance racing/training and like to try different nutrition.  I've been wanting to try Gu Roctane, GU Brew and Cliff Shot Gel so thanks Kurt!


Patrick said...

I will be out of town. It sounds like a great time though. Have fun!

A Prelude To... said...

What a cool picture!
Sounds like a fun time...wish I could join in.

Dawn said...

Wonder how long it would take us to drive down? It sounds like a ton of fun...and I like the No Pressure!!
(And supper sounds pretty great too;))

Congrats on your win. It's always a struggle for me to figure nutrition out....

(Oh- I beat my son in our 10k Night Race. By 20 seconds! Can you imagine if he actually trained?;))

Anne B said...

Wait, you won this amazing assortment of various fuels and gels and yet bonked on a long bike ride? The irony!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Haha. Nice Anne B!

The Clif Shots are my favorite just by flavor alone! And when I bite into the oatmeal raisin powerbar during a bike, it's like I found a little treasure dessert. While I know we all end up hating 90% of the products out there, hopefully this will help narrow that window down for ya'!

And yes, I will be looking to you for some future predictions! =P

Jill said...

OOoh, nice score on the win, that should help you hopefully not bonk! :)

That's a great idea for the race - doing your own from your own house. Cool! Maybe one day I'll do that...then I can swim laps in my gym's pool and not have to worry about someone kicking me in the face in a lake!

Kate Geisen said...

LOLing at Anne's comment. And unless something I can't skip (one of the boys' tournaments, and I don't think N will have started yet then), I'm totally in.

Are you going to try to get Kristy to play?