Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Single Track Weekend

The weather this weekend was amazing for January and I was able to take advantage of it.  Saturday was mid-forties, sunny and not too windy.  I managed a nice nine plus mile run with about six of it being on single track.  Sunday was a little cooler and a little overcast so I broke out the mountain bike for a two hour ride with most of it being single track.  There are many small obstacles in the woods and I often wimp out so as not to risk falling over.  On this ride I decided to stop being a puss.  Several times I found myself starting to wimp out so I said "stop being a puss", walked my bike back far enough to get a little momentum and cleared everything easily except for one stack of logs that I was going to try, until there were people there (puss).

Anyway, here are some pics.  The woods are such a different place in the dead of winter with no foliage.

I took a break to eat a Clif Bar and saw something through the trees

an old decaying bike

single speed

salt caked jacket - good workout

Started taking the Extreme Fitness class at the Y last week.  My first two workouts looked like this:

3 x 50 yards in the pool on 1:00
Hop out then do as many pushups as you can do in a minute (ummm, I don’t need a whole minute to do as many as I can J)
Rest 1 minute
do as many pushups as you can do in a minute
Rest 1 minute
Back in the pool
Repeat the sequence except with jumping squats
Repeat the sequence except with burpees
Repeat the sequence except with throwing a medicine ball as high as you can against the wall

You basically in zone 4 sucking air the entire time.  Of course it was humiliating too since I’m the oldest one there and the weakest J.  Oh well, week 2 starts tonight.


Debbie said...

cool photo's....i love the rusty ride ;)))

Anonymous said...

You know, those boot camp style things are humility makers. I can bust out a nice week of triathlon training, decide I'm hard as nails, hit a boot camp and be crying within 10 minutes.

Unknown said...

Great photos. The green in spring summer, is beautiful, but I love seeing all the different seasons and there is something about the starkness of the winter.

Had to laugh at your comment that you don't need a minute to do all the pushups you can do. I can do about 3, so I'd be in the same boat. ;)

The Boring Runner said...

Hey Mike! I have the answers to your questions to the female elite athlete! http://www.theboringrunner.com/2012/01/interview-with-trisha-miller-elite.html

Anne B said...

That workout is killer. I would be freaking out just knowing I had to swim a 50 in under a minute.
Sometime I want to come down that way and ride those SIUE trails, would be bringing my friend Brenda.

Raina said...

Looks like a challenging workout! The sweat is good proof :)
That bike looks like my bike! lol...kind of a piece of art right now.

A Prelude To... said...

Love the workout! KILLER!
cool pics. I like the rusted bike.

Patrick said...

I have never seen that bike before! Nice to know there are still new things to see. Not riding over the log pile was a good decision since you were by yourself.

Christie said...

The extreme fitness workout looks freaking AWESOME!! I want to try it out!:)Circuit type work-outs are some of my favorites.

Dawn said...

You are rockin' this workout goal thing you've set out for yourself. Like the bike picture:)