Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tagged - 7 random things

Christina over at Climbing Those Hills tagged me a couple weeks ago and I'm just getting around to it. A combination of busyness, vacation (and now being out of vacation days) and post race blues made me not feel much like blogging. Something about training for something for four months then having it be over is a little depressing. Anyone else feel that way after a big race? I do have a half marathon coming up the third weekend in October, but I have yet to get excited about it.

2. I hate to admit it, but I started listening to country music. I never saw this one coming, but was getting bored with NPR, our local rock stations and the cd's in my car (Pearl Jam, Killers, and Tom Petty) and gave our local country station a listen. Now I listen to that more than anything else. Give it a listen here, you just might like it too :-).

3. My favorite sport is NFL football and my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I've been a fan since I was a little kid. My parents and relatives always gave me Steelers jerseys, helmets, bobble heads, etc. to seal my fate :-). Football season is here, yay!

My mid 70's vintage bobble head Steeler on my garage TV I watch while grilling. I got that bobble head when I was about 10. I usually pull it out during Steelers games and move it around trying to add some luck to the game. Kind of like voodoo, it doesn't really work, but I keep trying :-).

4. I shaved my legs this week. I've thought about trying it a few times over the last two years on long 40+ mile rides and seeing all the dirt and junk that gets embedded in my leg hair. So why not give it a try? Well, it was a BIG job! I think it took about an hour and a half spread over three showers. I'll spare you a picture (you're welcome :-)) but suffice it to say, after 30+ years covered in hair, they sure look and feel weird. Not sure how long I'll keep them this way. Initial thoughts are I like it for riding. Much less dirt, grime and matted hair. The first run wasn't quite so nice. I almost never have chaffing issues and did on this run. Maybe leg hair is a natural lubricant. Now I also have red bumps on my upper inner thighs. Glad I'm not a woman and expected to shave all the time. It sucks.

5. The more I train the more I love being outside, specially when I'm in half iron shape. Getting on the bike and just riding is so peaceful. It would be nice to find a local place to swim in a lake instead of hitting the pool. Running even seems a little easier now that it's not a billion degrees out.

6. I think me and the kids are going to learn how to scuba dive next year. Seems like a fun adventure and something a little different. My daughter and I are considering jumping out of a plane too. I've never had the desire to go skydiving until just this month. I have no idea why.

7. I'm contemplating doing a full IM next year. Not sure I can pull it off logistically, but my pro/con list is here. When I look at my training plan here, I'm not sure I can get all the training in either, at least without becoming a morning person. I haven't given up becoming a morning person, but I haven't made much progress either. I keep telling myself, this will be the week, but I keep coming up with excuses not to do it. I really need to bump up my running volume for my half mary and the only real way to do that and keep swimming and biking is to run in the morning, or do lots of bricks:-).



Mary Fran said...

1. Remember how we used to make fun of Dad for listening to country? His response: "They are sad songs about sad things and I can relate."

2. Your old metal band mates better not read this blog.

3. I remember when you got that bobble head. Mom and Dad have the picture of you with Mean Joe Green.

4. The Steelers are "Mom's team" here.

5. I'm only allowed to cheer for them in the post season and only after the Patriots are out.

6. I hope you didn't use SJ's razor :)

Kate Geisen said...

Football season is a big deal in this house. Jeff and J were at almost every single possible day of Rams training camp. One day Steven Jackson told J: "I'm not signing anything else for you" after like J's 3rd trip through the line. :)

Shaved legs...weird. :) Glad I don't have to dig through a lifetime's worth of leg hair. That's a big job!

The weather is soooooo much better now! And I totally get post-race depression. Thanks a I'm a little bummed that Thunder Rolls will be over in a few days. :( Luckily I have Berryman just a month later. :)

Jill said...

Is it some special Mid-west secret code thing and thus I can't see #1?

Of course, I INSTANTLY clicked on the pros and cons of the full tris you are interested in doing :). I was very interested in IMCDA but it sold out in a couple hours I heard. Whaaa. I didn't know Lake Tahoe was a new race this it sold out, too. I heard IMAZ sells out the first day so I (WE!!) need to start thinking - would be a blast to do it "with" you (will you and your family wait about 3 hours after you're done for me?? :))?? I'm pretty sure I can't do any ocean ones...I swallow too much water and I think it'd make me super sick.

I am dying laughing at the shaved legs. I just hope your wife likes it! ;)

Great list (aside from the hidden #1)...unless the post-race blues was #1? btw, the year I did Boston Marathon, Pikes Peak Marathon and ran on an "pro" (all were pro but me!) relay team and all those ended in the same year...I had a very hard time finding a purpose behind the running and got very down ...(sort of like now, but for different reasons).

Unknown said...

Yes, go scuba diving and jump out of a plane. I became a certified scuba diver in high school about 100 years ago and uncle let me jump out of his airplanes while I was in the military (also a 100 years ago). Do them both... you will love it!

Jford said...

I am more excited about NCAA Football than pro ball right now! Whhooo Piggg SSooiiiieeee! Go HOGS!!!

and some country music I can deal with, but I have never used any on training runs!

KovasP said...

Laima won't let me shave my legs, not sure why I keep assking her. SCUBA is a blast!

ajh said...

Jumping out of a plane has always been something I've considered. Will I ever do it? Who knows?
Would you consider Lake Placid Ironman? Emily said it was the best place to swim she has ever been in in her life. It is hilly but scenic. Sells out but don't they all?
I have two tris the next two weekends and then I am looking forward to not training for something. I burnt out a little on half marathons. I want to keep my weekends free to get some long rides in and race if it works but no big deal. Hope you find something that excites you!

On the Right Track said...

Ahhhh...Shaving??My husband "accidentaly" shaved his stomach 2 years ago trying to "trim it up" and all I can say was the family of 28 at the beach got a kick out of it!!! yeah...sometimes it stinks to be a woman...but he was tortred that week ;) I am sure shaving legs is different than trimming up however!!!

Love your randoms...and am very impressed with your future aspirations!!! I am deathly afraid of heights...but go for it!!

however...GO PACK!!! We are stock holders btw ;)

Theia said...

Ooohhh, what a teaser for a full IM next year!!!!

Dawn said...

Love it...a good post about you and things I think are "cool" to know:) I started liking country too...funny...maybe it's an age thing?;)
Hoping to meet up one day at one of your IM/fulls listed......

Teamarcia said...

My mom played nothing but country music in the car growing up. More than enough for one lifetime. You MUST do an IM. Get on it. If not now, when.
You made a very compelling argument for me trying a tri. I'm all for something easier on the ole bod!

Raina said...

That bobble head doll is probably worth about 200$. Ever watch Antiques road show or American Pickers?

I had a long country phase. Still like a lot of it, mostly older stuff.

ajh said...

Yeah, I was calling a length a lap. I swim 24 lengths. I actually swim more than that but I swim 24 lengths of the freestyle each time to be sure that feels comfortable. AT some point I am going to ask you about drills again but not yet! (if that's okay.)

Coy Martinez said...

Oh gosh, you and I are so much the same. I don't even know where to begin. I read each paragraph and kept thinking "hey, that's me too!" I knew the blues were coming after Steelhead and I was right. I hate when "it's over". And you get a case of the "what nows?" I have the NYC Marathon in November and I could care less if it takes me 4 hours of 5 hours. That's pathetic right. I'm excited for the race but my legs aren't working right. Hmmmm.

Yesterday I did my first outdoor ride since 70.3 and although I only did 10 it felt so easy, like Staples made the Easy Button just for me. I freaking love a nice bike ride.

And I'm a big NFL fan too! My team are the Eagles. I catch all kinds of grief over that but that's my team! :)

Ali Mc said...

I love that you shaved your legs. Those bumps are ingrown hairs....gotta shave carefully to avoid those bad boys. I have recently been growing out all my hair and opting to WAX! lol we'll see if I can handle the pain.

Oh and I LOVED scuba. I was super scared at first but it remains one of the greatest experiences of my life. I bet you'll all love it

TriMOEngr said...

Oops - apparently missed this one due to my failed reading list too. And I was the one that asked for it!! I was a bit confused by the missing #1 too. But always fun to learn more about friends in blogland.