Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Report Card

I had three goals for 2012 which were revised after injuring my knees.


Goal #1 - Go sub-6 at Door County Half Iron July 22nd.

Changed to take in enough nutrition to not visit the med tent. Success though I did throw up afterward. Grade = A.


Goal #2 - Go sub 1:45 at the RnR half marathon St. Louis October 21st.

- This one is a real stretch considering my PR is 1:55 and some change.

Changed to "don't get injured trying to be faster. Success, set a 5 minute PR without injury! Grade = A.


Goal #3 - Lose 10 pounds by May 20th (Carlyle Oly)

Total failure! I weighed the same on race day as I did January 1st. Grade = F.


That puts me at a D for the year (if I did my math right it's 67%) though I'm tempted to bump that to a C since I've traveled 10 weeks in a row and made it through Christmas and Thanksgiving only gaining two pounds and I weigh a couple pounds less than last year at this time.


I also managed a 5 minute PR at a Sprint tri, did an Olympic tri a week later and did a Sprint tri in Boston. I also set a distance PR by three miles at Patrick's 12 hour run.

Volume wise I was down from 2011 for swimming and biking and slightly up for running.


Swim = 77,000 yards in 35 hours and 16 minutes

Bike = 2,500 miles in 167 hours

Run = 707 miles in 121 hours and 40 minutes



Swim = 52,000 yards in 18 hours and 6 minutes (not as much volume, but way faster)

Bike = 1943 miles in 118 hours and 24 minutes

Run = 832 miles in 140 hours and 43 minutes

All in all it was another good year in the exercise and racing area. I'm not sure what 2013 is going to bring. I'm a planner and usually have most if not all of my races picked out. Things are busy at work and I expect heavy travel and lots of overtime, at least for the next couple of months. We'll see what happens after that.

Happy New Year!



ajh said...

When you travel for work do you have time to run/bike where you go? That is my favorite thing about traveling. You had some good races. I love reading about your tris and the longer ones you do. Good luck in 2013. Thanks for the advice you have given me.

Anne B said...

Happy New Years, Mike!!!!

Christie said...

Mike! I think that you had a great 2012. You do not get a D for the year... Goal #3 doesn't always reflect work put in. You should go more by feeling good that lbs lost:)

Nice job on the swim portion efficiency. Looking back at the data, it is nice to know that all that time spent in the pool is improving your time. Excited to see your goals for 2013... Happy New Years!

RockStarTri said...

I wouldn't give you a "D." 2012 was a solid year - here's to 13!

Kathy said...

A great year, Mike.
Goal #3 doesn't count. We all get F's in that department on a regular basis!

TriMOEngr said...

Weighing the same after a winter/spring of busy life - I call that a solid B+ so you are still on the honor roll in my book. Very solid year. Hope things settle down soon so you can get back to sharing your tri journey with us. Happy New Year and look forward to trying to train or race with you sometime this year.

Kate Geisen said...

Look at all that running!

I'm looking forward to seeing where your plans end up...and maybe getting to run some trails with you again this year.

Happy New Year!

Jford said...

You had an awesome year, and 2013 will be that much better!

Patrick said...

You forgot to mention setting a running distance PR at the 12hour!

Ransick said...

Thanks Patrick! Just updated the post to add that PR. Thanks for pointing it out.

Jill said...

Let's just through that F out; it's too stressful to diet while traveling for work a lot and then throwing in the holidays. You can do some extra credit and weigh back in around March for a final grade!! :)

You did great Mike. Really, any year A PR or a few happen, it's a good year in my book. Looking forward to what 2013 brings you...don't rule out Boise HIM - you KNOW you want to do it with me! :)

Happy New Year!

Theia said...

No way is that year worth a D! I think you need to grade it on a curve or something. :)

Teamarcia said...

I think you deserve a far better grade than a D. If you can perform as well as you have at the same weight, I vote A.
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Thats actually not a bad report card if each category was weighted towards your race goals. I would be happy with it. I officially raise it to a B overall!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Going off college grades, I have you at 2.66 for the year, you cant failure yourself over 10 pounds

Dawn said...

Wow. I think your grade should be bumped up given all life factors. You are too hard on yourself;) Bonus marks. Bonus!

Great's to a new one to fill!

Patrick Mahoney said...

That's not a "D", Mike.