Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Goals

I had some one big race goal in mind for this year until I was thrown a curve ball. Life changes have occurred that have significantly reduced my free time and demanded I focus on them vs. my race goals. I'm surprisingly at peace with this as in my mind, I've just changed one challenge for another and I happen to like both challenges. I'm still considering doing both challenges in parallel, but I need to get a couple things in place before I attempt that.

I'm a planner and while I have my three vacations scheduled for the year (and have for over a month), I have no racecations or even races scheduled yet. I'm actually contemplating only running this year. Running is so simple regarding planning and gear. Well, running outside in the winter takes some layering, and extra clothing accessories, but it is still the simplest of all three disciplines.

Anyway, on to the goals. I like to keep the number down as I'm a big fan of keeping things simple. Life is complicated enough.

Goal #1 - Run 1000 miles

Goal #2 - Do at least one plank a day, every day

Goal #3 - Stay under 160 pounds

Races - ???

Triathlons - ???

I may throw a few running races in on a whim and may even do a long weekend here or there and fly somewhere to race. Nothing definite. As a planner, it's amazing I'm good with this approach. I've been doing a decent amount of running (for me) and as a result, I've been running in mental zone 4 and 5 just about every weekend with a couple supporting runs during the week. I haven't been running with music either, no need for it in mental zone 5.

Any running races you consider must do? Any destination half or full marathons I should consider? Did I just say marathon? Yes, the thought keeps cropping back in my head and once that happens, becoming an MM or doing an ultra does too.


Kate Geisen said...

Very mysterious, sir. Actually, I may have a clue about what your talking about, but only through my connection. :) If you're at peace with it sounds like its a good situation. Only running would cut way back on the pressure to fit in all those Tri workouts. Good luck getting things settled.

My must-dos tend to be things with friends, not specific races per se, so I'm no help.

Raina said...

It's nice to see you streamlining to running :) Maybe...

I am curious now about your destination race and possible marathon. I guess i were to travel for a marathon, anywhere, it might be either to Germany or to the Great Wall marathon. That would not be a race for a PR, just fun.

Best of luck with your mental zone training!

TriMOEngr said...

I'm at the opposite end of planning this year - plan so many goals that I can't possibly meet them all, but trying to get as close as I can still makes for some crazy adventures. Though I'm jealous as none of my vacations are planned. LOL

Can't wait to hear more about your goals and life changes. Running is easiest to fit in especially with travel (which I know you did a fair bit of last year). It is the least weather, location and gear dependent. But it also seems to be the most injury prone - hope you can find the balance of cross-training and stay healthy even if you don't race the other disciplines. Great to hear from you.

Teamarcia said...

Your goals are similar to mine after traveling so much last year. I'll be much more local this time around. You could come up and do the Chicago Marathon, thawed a nice bucket lister...and as long as I'm not running it, it won't be hot.
My halfs so far are all local: Eggshell on 3/30, Wisconsin on 5/4, North Shore on 6/2

Jford said...

I love the goals! 1000 miles running will be awesome and I love the plank a day, you could set a time goal on planking!!!

As for a marathon to do, come to Memphis and do the St Jude Marathon, the best reason to run on the planet!

ajh said...

I keep telling people the VCM is a great race. I need to get into the two person relay lottery. If you only run that's fine as long as you still dispense tri advice. I'm still in the new to tri state where tris make me giddy. I have definitely discovered I like biking best and tris allow me to race on a bike. Hope everything is okay for you. Good luck in all your decisions. I think 1000 miles is a great goal. And one of my unwritten goals is to weigh myself every week and not let my weight creep up unchecked.

Unknown said...

I have been thinking the same thing too about doing running only races (even though I suck at running). My brain seems to be in run mode lately.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have one goal and one goal only, finish my IM

Christie said...

Life certainly can change on you quickly. You are right, running is so simplistic and refreshing. Pick a destination marathon in the fall and just work towards that this year. :)

I probably wouldn't consider Utah a destination marathon, but Top of Utah 26.2 is a great run course!

Jill said...

Here's your goal race list...
1) Run the Leadville 50-miler with me.
2) Run Pikes Peak Marathon with me.
There, that was easy peasy. Now get training! :)

I so hear you on the running just being "easy" - well, relatively. The bike is so freaking coach threw out some 53x11 in such and such gear and I was like, HUH??? I just ignore it and ride the prescribed time ;). I'm sure that will do me well in Boise, right? :) I love it when running doesn't have an agenda tied to it (well, sometimes anyway ;), you just throw on your shoes and run. PRetty soon, though, that "just run" turn into "I need to run faster and farther...." :)

Great goals!! Sometimes we don't need something out there dangling to stress the hell outta us...when the time feels right, you'll sing up for something fun. And I hope it's in Colorado! :) Keep running strong, Mike!

Unknown said...

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