Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 7 - Marathon Training

The plan this week was 0-4-8-4-0-8-16, actual was 0-0-4-7-0-16-8. I worked late every night this week again. My 7 miler finished up in the dark with a bat escort. It was really cool running along the path with what seemed like dozens of bats 5 to10 feet above my head shielding me from Mosquitos :-). It was similar to the section of trail below, but dark.


The mileage is getting up there and it was hot and humid this weekend. The runs were fine but slow so I could keep my HR down. Here are some pics from my runs.

The pic below was a brutal 3 mile stretch with no shade. It was in the mid 80's with humidity in the mid 70's.

Made the best lamb chops yet after the 16 miler. It was just my son and I for dinner, so not much food.


Haven't looked at my plan for next week yet. Stay tuned!


One Crazy Penguin said...

I know that trail! Looks like a pretty good running week and a great dinner!

Jill said...

You're blogging too much - I can't keep up! :)

Mid-80s and 70+ % humidity and I'd be face-planted to that bike path. Us Coloradoans are wimps...we can get up at 6am and it be in the low 60s, even in the middle of summer. Ah, altitude. Good job on that long run (I've been stalking GC :)).

Do you soak the corn cobs before you put them on the grill? I've heard it done both yes and no.

Keep up the solid work!!

ajh said...

I don't know how much I would like the bat escort but running at night can be fun.

Kate Geisen said...

You're kicking butt on the training!

Teamarcia said...

Coming along nicely! I've only had one really humid long run so far this cycle but wow did it ever suck.

KovasP said...

Another good week in the books - anything that keeps mosquitos away is good; love bats.