Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 2 of Oly training

Week 2 is now under my belt. Another big volume week for me. I looked forward to every work out but was happy when my rest day arrived (Friday). I managed 2.4 hours of swimming, 2.2 hours of running and 4.9 hours of biking. Part of that time was spent doing my third tri yesterday. It was another sprint but the bike leg was a little longer than usual. It was 18 miles vs. the normal 12-14. Not a big deal. It was a very hilly and technical course and I'm used to long, straight, flat Illinois corn field roads. I actually got to use the big and small ring on my front crank (multiple times)! It was fun using all 30 gears instead of just 10. It was also fun going fast downhill. I hit 41 mph at one point and was above 30 many times. I also hit 5 or 6 mph many times spinning up the hills. This interactive elevation map is pretty cool. Full race report can be found here.

The run was also hilly and I was slow. It was very hot and humid but I should be able to run a least a minute a mile faster than what I do. I'll work on that later. I'm having fun improving my bike speed at the moment. I did a 33 mile ride today in the 94 degree heat (107 heat index) and felt solid. I feel stronger with each and every ride and it's fun.

Week 3 starts tomorrow and I'm feeling good about it at this point.

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