Sunday, October 24, 2010

This week

This week I had a head cold that moved to my chest as the week progressed.  Cheryl talked me out of swimming, which was a good call, and I hardly got any running in because I didn't want that overheated feeling when it's cold out.  I did manage to do three really good bike workouts though.  I decided to follow Jorge's winter cycling plan and this week was prep week one before the plan starts.  Two days were on the trainer and the third was outside Saturday.

Speaking of trainer.  I started a new home experiment.  How many days can I keep the trainer in the living room before Cheryl makes me take it down.  I don't think she reads my blog, so if you know her, shush :-).

Pic of my bike on the trainer in the living room with a sweaty t-shirt drying from the drops.

Anyway, last winter when I bought my bike, I never made it more than three days.  This week I hit four and she asked me to put it away because we are having people over for dinner Sunday.  That is progress since we had people over Friday night and she didn't ask me to put it away.  Friday night was a regular get together so she didn't mind.  I think over the winter I will be able to approach one month.  We'll see.

My most recent home experiment was in the spring.  I called it my Balega sock experiment.  A tri mentor introduced me to Balega socks so I tried a pair.  They felt great and I decided that would be my running and biking sock.  This was in the spring when my volume of both running and biking was decent.  The experiment was to determine how many pair of running/cycling socks I needed so I always had a clean pair given that I didn't do the laundry.  So I bought six pair of socks then bought another three pack whenever I didn't have a clean pair ready. I only have 12 pair!  Not bad considering I was doing many two a days at the time and generally 5-8 run and bike workouts per week.  If you are looking for a good running/biking sock, try a pair.

Monday I see an orthopedic doc for my shoulders.  11 physical therapy sessions helped (left shoulder way better), but I still have problems.  I'm swimming 1.2 miles April 17th 2011 in New Orleans, hopefully pain free and with both arms.

Nutrition wise I tried a banana flavored Hammer gel Saturday on my long ride.  It was good, but I can't see eating a bunch of them.  I also ate a Cliff bar (walnut and raisin I think).  It sat better than last week.

So with my first HIM less than 6 months away, it is time to log every week.
Swim: 0 hours
Bike: 3.77 hours
Run: 1.87 hours

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Kate Geisen said...

Hope you shake that cold soon! Good luck with the trainer experiment! :)