Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling In Love

Yep, I have a secret to share.  I'm falling in love with mountain biking, again.  I used to ride off road a lot about 12 years ago, then got away from it for years.  This past month, I haven't touched my road bike and I've gotten out on the single track every weekend.  It really is refreshing.  Instead of cranking out the miles like a diesel engine, you get to maneuver over, under and around obstacles like a Jeep.  Totally different feeling and really enjoyable.  Here are some pics from this past weekend. 

Oh, week 1 of becoming a morning person was a success!
Day 1 - didn't sleep well. Woke up about every hour. Still managed to get up at 5:30 and got a rough 3 miler in.  It was dark and starry outside and 40 degrees.  Felt groggy and tired mid- afternoon. Felt drained like I did during peak NOLA training, but I did it!
Day 2 - Slept much better. Got up at 5:30 and ran 3 miles and felt good.  Dark and starry and 50 degrees.  Felt good all day.
Day 3 - Arrived in Cleveland the night before and had a late business dinner.  Lousy night sleep, but got up at 6:30 and ran 3 and a half miles on a crappy route.
Day 4 - Managed to get a 35 minute run in before the meetings started back up.  Felt good.
Day 5 and 6 were the weekend.

On to week 2.......


Kate Geisen said...

Good job on the morning runs! That first one is the toughest one...I know, bc it keeps beating me. And I can hardly judge your new love, since I'm right there with my mountain bike.

Dawn said...

I was WONDERING how the mornings were treating you;)
So glad you fell in love again- mountain biking on trails like that- SO worth it!!!
Awesome pictures. You should attach a video camera to the front of your bike:0))

Patrick said...

Let me know when you are riding if you want some company.

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