Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was riding out on some perfect single track Saturday and came across this.
Big tree own in the middle of a bunch of brush
As I approached, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Then I thought about it and came up with five alternatives for dealing with obstacles.  You can hit them head on and go right through, go under them, go over them, go around them, or give up and run away.  I walked up to the tree and it was obvious I wasn't going through it, under it or even around it.  I sized it up for a minute, lifted my bike over it, climbed over and continued on a nearly perfect ride.

Here are a few more pics from the ride.  The woods were totally different than last week.  With the canopy down, the undergrowth really greened up in their last hooray before winter.

Love the contrast in this pic
Regarding my obstacle to becoming a morning person, I didn't do so well this week.  After going four for four getting up early the first week, I only went one for four this week.  I made it up Tuesday without issue.  Wednesday was dark, cold and rainy, and I was a quitter.  Thursday I had the volume turned off on my phone alarm and slept right through it.  Friday I was disgusted with myself for missing Wednesday and Thursday and didn't even try to get up (lame I know).

I think I need a goal to help with early morning motivation, so I'm looking for an early season 70.3 to sign up for.  Right now I'm thinking Rev3 Knoxville or Panama City Beach.  Knoxville scares me with four cat 5 climbs and swimming against the current in the river.


Kate Geisen said...

I was so disgusted with myself on Wednesday. I heard the rain and thought, nope. Then it wasn't cold at all, and all I could think was that it would have been a fun run.

A new race will be great motivation. Good luck making your choice!

Dawn said...

Signing up is great motivation. I need motivation to sign up.
Jealous of your rides out there.

Anne B said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like great trails in that area.

Theia said...

I really need to get a mountain bike!

Regarding your early morning workouts, forgive yourself. Some weeks are going to be harder than others. No biggie. Just do better next time!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Good to see you throwing in some cyclocross skills in with your mountain biking. The Belgians are proud.

Patty said...

Those trails are gorgeous! I wish I could mountain bike. I’m horrendous on the trail riding though!

A spring race sounds like a great plan! Galveston 70.3??? First weekend in April. It’s gonna be a blast!