Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jingle Bell Hell "Race" Report

I decided to do XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell run today and take a few pics.  Here are the rules:

  • Must be at least 5K in total maximum.
9.6 miles in the bank - CHECK!

  • Must be done on a challenging course (and if you hate treadmills, that means it could be on a treadmill) because the idea is "Hell" ... that is the important part. 
Hell is that I "had" to run 1.5+ miles on the road to reach beautiful single track because I was "too lazy" to drive there.  How ironic is that?

  • Must be done the weekend of Dec. 17-18, 2011... any time of day or night.
Ran on the 18th - CHECK!

  • You must laugh at least once... can be an evil laugh, a laugh of futility, any kind of laugh but laughter is a MUST.
I laughed several times while thinking of childish pictures I wished I had the guts to take and post 

Anyway, here are some unflattering pics from my run.

The starting line

Mile 1 - ditched my favorite running hat

Mile 2 - put on a Santa hat once I hit the singletrack

I totally stole the Santa hat idea from TriMoEng.

Mile 3

I'm about 10 pounds overweight and it looks like a pound of it is in my neck :-(.

Mile 4

Mile 5 - ditched the Santa hat

Aid station at Mile 6

Mile 7ish

Mile 8 or so

Mile 9.6 - done!


Kate Geisen said...

Nice job! It was definitely a great (I mean, hellish) day to run the trails. :)

I'm like you...I don't like to have to drive to run. Most of my routes (unless I'm driving an hour to the St. Louis trails of course) are right out my door.

D Kindhart said...

I thought maybe you were going for antlers in the mile 5 photo...

a runner said...

AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for coming out and doing a Jingle Bell Hell :) You looked like you were having too much fun though ;-)

My husband has that neck thing, too...but you have hair and he doesn't. You look pretty looks worse when one has no hair :P

Happy holidays!!!

Anne B said...

Haha this is great! I love the random hat changes!!!

Dawn said...

Love it!!!
I kept picturing you laughing you couuld take. I think you should share:)
Great photos...and it DOES look like you're having too much fun on a supposed hell run.
Great post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Running a mile to avoid having to get in the car is a good kind of lazy for sure...