Saturday, September 22, 2012

Longest Run Yet

My next race is the St. Louis Rock and Roll half marathon and my running is coming along rather well (for me). After two good 13.2 mile runs the previous two Saturdays, I decided to add a couple miles to my long run just for fun :-). I usually don't bring my phone running because I don't have a sports bra to tuck it in it is too bulky to carry in my pocket, but with my history of injuries and getting into mileage that has me a long way from home, I decided to figure out a way to carry it. After talking to other runners, I concluded the Amphipod belt would be perfect. Anxious to try it out, I headed out for my longest run yet. As a bonus, now I can take pictures too!

About 2 miles in, just West of my house


Beautiful day. 65 degrees, sunny and breezy. First fall run with a long sleeve shirt.

This loop takes me past a sod farm

I always think what a great thing it must be to grow and sell grass, but one look at my yard and it's clear I wouldn't make it as a sod farmer :-).

one of many fields I run/ride by

Stopped here for a GU

more fields

some of the field corn fields have been harvested

ok, you get the idea :-)

GU stop two

I ended up running 15.1 miles, almost two miles longer than my longest run ever. Cardio was no issue at all, leg strength was average, my left knee acted up a few times but got better when I stopped to take pictures. My running belt worked perfectly. I didn't even notice my phone being strapped around my waist. I only missed putting my phone back in the pocket correctly while running once which subsequently resulted in my phone hitting the asphalt and me kicking it :-(. The Otter Box case lived up to its name though and my phone lived to tell about it :-).

I was out of my normal tri-berry GU so I brought some untried flavors I picked up as race samples, yikes! First GU was peanut butter flavor and I liked it. Second was pineapple, and it didn't work out so well. I gulped half of it down and barely kept it down so I chucked the second half of it. I still need to work on taking in nutrition for 2+ hour events. When I finished I had a bout of dizziness and being nauseous. Luckily I held it together because I forgot to wear my road ID and I was over a half mile away from home.

I walked down another trail for my cool down to take this pic.

Our trails are old train tracks and this steam engine era water tower sits on one of them. Should make for a cool black and white pic in the winter when the leaves are all gone.


Overall a nice run. I have some chaffing and soreness, but nothing major. I am curious though, how do you fuel for 2+ hour workouts? What do you do to prevent chaffing on long runs?




Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome 15 miler - great job! My old iPhone's camera is so scuffed that everything comes out hazy - that's from 2 years of running with it without a case - eagerly anticipating my new 5 ... any day now.
Copious BodyGlide, Mike ... never leave home without it!!

ajh said...

I love running on old rail trails. I did just post though on how I don't run longer than I "have" to to get ready for a race. I have also used Body Glide with good results.

RockStarTri said...

Rail trails are the best!

For preventing wetsuit chafing I use body glide. For running, though, I use either aquaphor or old school vaseline based on where the chafing is. Aquaphor is best to heal the chafing assuming you've got it for me.

Unknown said...

Nice job on the run, and fabulous pictures!

I use gels and usually drink sports drinks on longer runs. Nothing solid on the run for me.

Body glide. I should buy it by the case load.

D Kindhart said...

I am running the RnR St Louis as my first marathon! Good Luck!

Jill said...

Body Glide and I are pretty intimate...I think I should get stock in the stuff, I'd have more money if I did :). Sometimes I forget to put it here or there and sure enough, chafe central - ouch.

Great job on the mileage PR - that is fantastic!!!

The pictures are so fun!! But they do make me a little homesick for Iowa (but only for a few minutes ;)).

KovasP said...

Nice looking trail. I swear by dates for quick fueling, still working on longer plans. I think a nut/banana/date/cocoa powder/tart cherry energy ball would work for me.

KovasP said...
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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yes, I am planning on still doing St Louis RnR, I need to find a hotel

Unknown said...

i always carry my phone. it came in handy when i got hurt during a long run. it also came in handy when my wife got hurt. my son contacted me and luckily i was only a mile from the house. i ran home as fast as i could and took her to the hospital. when i got home, my neighbor was just getting ready to help her into his car.

other than that, it is cool to take photos. i love the photos that i see in runner's blogs. i always wish i could run in those areas. quite frankly, i am bored with running along beaches. i would like to run in wide open country like yours. living on an island, i don't get that opportunity.

great job and your long runs. like yourself i have a bum knee. however, it has been pretty good lately. i occasionally feel a bit of a tweak every so often, but for the most part it has been good.

Christie said...

The only place I ever get chaffing is where my heart rate monitor is... I use A&D Ointment and it works so great. A lot cheaper than bodyglide too.

2+ hour workouts I usually have a 150 calorie breakfast that is 60% carbs and throughout the workout I take either a gel or Dates every 35-45 minutes.

Nice job on this long run. 15.1 sounds more like you are preparing for a marathon not a half! You might as well can St. Louis and sign up for a 26.2 :):):)

Raina said...

Great work on your longest run ever! The fact that your legs felt "average" on a run that long is a good sign of fitness.

Loved the photos! It looks like you have a lot of scenic farmland. Very pretty.

The Green Girl said...

Yeay for being able to take pictures on runs!

I prefer real food - I'm just not a fan of sports nutrition. And it varies. Sometimes it's dates. Or pretzels. Or Doritos. It all depends.

I didn't take CO2 cartridges since it's debatable whether or not they are allowed on planes.

Anne B said...

Dont' you LOVE the amphipod belt? I have the phone case and two of the little packs on mine. They just barely fit.

Teamarcia said...

Nice long run! I was this close to signing up for RnR St Louis I'm a hill wuss and went for Denver instead. Ha! My phone flops around in my fuel belt pouch and drives me nuts. I think I'm going to try one of those arm holders.