Sunday, November 20, 2011


While out riding today, I started thinking about time.  It also seems like I could get so much more done if there were say, 26 hours in a day.  I was thinking I could get the sleep I should, get in all the workouts I want, and do better about getting chores done around the house.  I chuckled to myself at that last one then made the list of what I would probably really do with two extra hours a day.  I would probably stay up later reading blogs, add napping into my daily routine, and up my chore procrastination to a new level :-).  Anyway, what would you do with two extra hours of time per day?

I managed to get three runs in before work this week!  I was up and ready to go on a run Friday morning too, but decided to give myself the day off after getting six workouts in over the previous three days.  Don't add me to your fantasy early morning running team just yet, the weather is getting nasty :-).  I also got back to the pool for the first time in 6+ weeks and my shoulders hurt :-(.  I'm going to have to nurse them along if I'm going to stay in triathlons.  It's either that our surgery according to my ortho (made me think about this old post).

Here are a few pics from my ride.

light, chilly rain but I was outside instead of on the trainer.

Huge old fallen tree that I couldn't get a good picture of.

Have a great week!


Kate Geisen said...

Wish you could've joined our ride was a much nicer day on the trails.

I like to think I'd sleep during those 2 extra hours (amazing what a difference 7ish hours of sleep made last night), but I'd probably waste the time like I do now.

Patrick said...

Have you noticed the strings on that tree? I would love to know why they were put there.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good to hear from you Mike. Good luck with the early mornings. They suck! Sorry your shoulders hurt...really hoping no surgery is involved.