Friday, December 23, 2011

Not This Year :-(

I've decided against a full Ironman this year.  It was actually a pretty easy decision once I went through the checklist I created.

Step 1 - Catch the bug.  Check!
Step 2 - Spousal approval.  Check!
The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Honey, I'm thinking about doing something crazy like Ironman Canada with Len"
DW: "Do whatever you want, I'm not going"

She is actually much more supportive than that.  The race is the beginning of preschool for her, so she can't really leave for a week.

Step 3 - Take the time off work. Check!
This one was actually a little tough.  I already have 20 days of vacation planned next year (I get 19).  I was going to borrow a week.

Step 4 - Come up with the cash.
Well, I don't really have money laying around, but could find a way to "fit" this in.

Step 5 - Equipment - Maybe.
I could do a full on my road bike, but I would really like to get a tri bike before I do a full. I still ride in mtb shoes too :-).

Step 6 - Physical Inventory - Fail :-(
My swim volume is about half what it needs to be (maybe more).  I never swam for anything other than fun until three years ago (and I was a slow learner!).  Two years ago, I did about 60k yards before my shoulders stopped cooperating.  This year I did the minimum necessary (70k) to complete a HIM so as not to re-injure them. So this year, my goal is to bump my swim volume by 2X and see how my shoulders feel.  Besides the shoulders, I had nutrition failures on the two HIM's I did this year.  I definitely need to learn how to take in more calories before I attempt a full.

Speaking of funny Ironman thinking, check out the six phases of bragging about becoming an Ironman that I will have to postpone.  Funny Stuff.

Merry Christmas!!!!


Kate Geisen said...

You know, I know you want to do it, but with a year to save up money, accrue additional, vacation days, and bank some additional fitness, it will hopefully make your IM debut that much stronger.

Kate Geisen said...

And Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Donna said...

New reader here. :)

That is one of my favorites. It almost makes me agree with how crazy triathletes might be.

Your step 6 is smart thinking. 140.6 is all about nutrition. If your nutrition is off, you won't even be able to slog your way through a full. I just shared some thoughts today in my blog. I had to slow down. Getting to 140.6 had started to become a "race" to me. It shouldn't be that way. You're being smart!

Jill said...

Your wife's comment cracked me up!
I'd like to do a full IM someday, too, but not next year here either.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Mike! And your family, too :).

TriMOEngr said...

It will come in its own good time. I enjoyed the thought process you took to get there, but it looks like you weighed all of the ramifications of tackling an Ironman in 2012 and it just isn't in the cards. I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing to remember 2012. Hey, you could always host a private iron distance race! :)

Christie said...

Those 6 phases of bragging are funny stuff! IM has such an impact on so many aspects of your life... nice process to decipher if it should be a go or not. Maybe 2013 will be your IM year debut!

Anonymous said...

Hey if you feel good about the decision, it's the right one. That simple.

Rachel said...

You will get there. Don't give up! Get your shoulders checked out and smooth out your swimming. The Ironman will always be waiting for you next year.

Teamarcia said...

That's a tough decision for sure. Maybe not this year but time flies. I bet you'll get there. Where there's a will there's a way right?

Midwest Miler said...

That video is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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