Monday, September 3, 2012

Recovery week

In August I snapped out of my training funk and had a nice build (except for swimming). Three progressive weeks of longer workouts left my legs tired and sore but in a good way. They were sore enough that I scheduled a deep tissue massage. I'm kind of a prude when it comes to people touching me so you know I was hurting. If you've never had a deep tissue massage, they hurt but in a good way. Definitely no risk of falling asleep like you could during a gentle massage. As the therapist grinded away at the knots in my calves then proceeded to move my quads around feeling like they were slipping back and forth across my thigh, I winced a few times. Anyway, it definitely helped and I'll probably go back during my next recovery week assuming I keep building up though I have no real race to build up for :-(. I am doing a half marathon at the end of October and probably Patrick's 12 hour run November 11th. I probably won't run all of it but I'll stay and drink beer and cheer for Patrick and whoever else can run for that long.

Yep, no swimming in August. I just didn't feel like it the first two weeks and the pool was closed the second two weeks. I plan to get back at it this week.

With last week being a recovery week and this weekend being a three day weekend I decided to smoke some chickens. I like smoking meat but it's time consuming and with all the training I've been doing, just haven't made the time for it for a long time. I have a large smoker and if I'm going to spend a few hours prepping and the better part of a day smoking, I usually cook a little extra.

I decided to do pulled chicken since it takes a lot less time than brisket or pulled pork. Yesterday I prepped the chickens. Three have lowery season salt on them and one is done in soy sauce (for those that don't like pulled chicken.

First step, light the smoker and get it up to 220 degrees F.

2nd step - arrange the birds with care.

3rd step - add fuel and wood chips that have soaked in water all night. I'm using hickory today.

4th step - sit on the couch and blog while watching the temp. I have three remote thermometers so I have one measuring the air and the other two measuring the largest of the four birds.


5th step - remove the birds when their internal temp is 165-170F.

6th step - let the birds rest for 10-15 minutes before carving.

While smoking the chickens for hours, I made some black bean salsa. One of my favorite side dishes. I posted the recipe here and refer back to it from time to time.

Happy Labor Day!


Kate Geisen said...

Yum! Nice job on the training! I HATE that no race feeling. :( I'm happy bc I have lots of stuff coming up, but the only one I'm actually "training" for is the Skippo 30k.

Raina said...

I always wondered how to smoke meat on the grill. It is so tasty! Now I will have to try it. Where do you put the wood chips for a grill? I always thought you had to use a real BBQ.

Jill said...

I'm seriously drooling!! My brother smokes a turkey at T'giving and it's the best meat I've ever eaten...I bet I couldn't not eat a whole chicken of yours :).

I used to go to a MT regularly only because my then personal trainer and him worked together and my pt was insistent. It was heavenly....after about the first 5 times cuz yeah, I'm kinda prudish and don't like strangers touching me. Took awhile to build up the trust there. He's long gone, when I let the pt go, I had to let him go too :(. Maybe one day again....I could use some knot-getting-out work done. Glad you had a nice recovery week. Bring on the swim! :)

Dawn said...

Oh My Goodness I have never felt this hungry before!
PLEASE come cook for me!!!!!

I DEFINITELY say run for the 12 hours! You can do it! And what a thing to say you did;)

Yes...I did consider swimming in that lake...I even brought my wetsuit because I swam it last time I was there and it was perfect. This time...I was exhausted. I slept by the water though;))

Back to the chicken....PLEASE?

ajh said...

Love black bean salsa and that chicken looks great! What is your favorite racing distance for running? Mine would be ten milers but there aren't many of those so I would pick half marathons next. I hope you have fun at yours.

ajh said...

And I have no races right now on the books and I feel a little bereft.

Unknown said...

Out of the training funk!!! Yay!

The birds look great. Thanks for the recipe... I love black bean salsa!

Patrick said...

Drinking beer while I run for 12hours might be cruel and unusual.

Teamarcia said...

Oh man what a project! I'll bet those chix were delicious. I grilled shrimp and ribs over the holiday weekend. And made cupcakes. Yes, all hell broke loose. I feel the same way about massage. I don't enjoy it but gosh I need it.

TriMOEngr said...

Haven't completely found my way out of my funk yet. I'm sore from the mud run and that isn't helping. But the no real race that I'm training for thing is not fun either. Why don't you plan one? Maybe an Oly for me? :) But you'll have to see if it can fit in Kate's busy race schedule. LOL

Theia said...

Sports massages are so painful, but then 2 days later you feel like a million bucks! Totally worth it.

Ali Mc said...

I'm so envious of your smoker. those chicks look amazing ;)

KovasP said...

Those remote thermometers are so cool, definitely will look into getting some.

Karen said...

You are quite the grillmaster! Yum!

On the Right Track said...

ummm...what time's supper? I'll bring the chips??????

Unknown said...

That chicken looks delicious!

I've barely swam since my race at the end of July... Right now our pool is closed for another week though, so I get a bit more time off of it.